Dalian Jinshi Translation Company


    Dalian Jinshi Translation Company is a translating and interpreting agency serving the medical, legal, manufacturing and education industries, as well as government and private social services. Founded in 1999, we assist individuals and organizations in providing effective linguistic services to support marketing and social service activities. Jinshi is a leading advocate for improving the quality of language and cultural services for non-Chinese speaking people in the world. Jinshi endeavors to Bridge the Gap between Cultures.

1. We offer highly personalized service. We give each client

     individualized attention.

2. We provide high quality work. We use rigorous quality

   assurance processes and guarantee that our work will be free

   of errors.

3. We work with each client to find solutions tailored to meet

   each client's needs within each client's budget.


Tel/Fax: 0086 411 82404039, Mobile: 13352251936

E-mail: jinshi_translation@hotmail.com